Thursday, July 18, 2019

Jobs can be taken after getting degree in humanities

Are you planning to do your graduation in humanities? If so, then there are great opportunities after getting a degree from one of the top 10 humanities colleges in India. Hence, we are discussing unique and interesting jobs that are perfect for you. Various job options are discussed below:

  • Advertising sales agent- The students with humanities majors are best for the job of advertising sales agent. This job profile needs excellent communication skills. 
  • Technical writer- You can show your skills of writing by being a technical writer. Judge the audience and write as per their need. 
  • Artist- You can utilize the communication skills that are gained during your study period. You can set up your website or become a freelancer for newspapers and magazines. 
  • Counselling- A bachelor degree in humanities is perfect from best humanities colleges in India if you want to become a counsellor. 
  • Event organizer- If you are passionate about planning and organizing events, then this field is for you. 
  • Public relation manager- This field requires strong writing, reading and interpersonal skills. 
  • Travel agent- You can help the people to plan their dream vacation.
  • Editor- You can become an editor and may edit other people’s work. 
  • Museum curator- If you are passionate about the job at a museum, then you can become a curator.
  • Genealogist- If you love to learn history about their origins and people, then this job is for you. 
  • Journalist- If writing is your area of interest, then you can look around to newspapers and blogs. 
As a student of humanities from the best humanities colleges in India are well-versed with the subject and are excellent writer and great communicators. Hence, you can look for these job profiles.

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